Our Services.

Accounting Outsourcing

We really get to know your business to plan ahead and keeping things simple because apart from the bookkeeping, we also offer advice, training and support on all aspects of our accounting services. We work closely with you to deliver a precise service that accurately reflects your business needs.

IFRS Implementation

We are dedicated to supporting you by carefully monitoring all IASB announcements and we have your on-going Financial Reporting needs fully covered. Our approach is focused on the substance of the transactions with professional experience in first-time adoption of IFRS statements, as well as preparing IFRS statements and reporting packages from GAAP financial statements for reporting to listed parent companies.

Business Consulting

Through our pragmatic approach of consulting services, we can help you to revise your business strategies, to re-engineering your business processes and to make your organization more agile and efficient. We provide expert knowledge through our wide range of consulting services to further ease your operations, reduce operational risk and increase efficiency.

Evaluating Operations

We provide Evaluating Operations services to business owners and we can evaluate each phase of the revenue cycle from the time a customer makes initial contact with the business until the time payables are received is critical to the profitability and long-term sustainability of your business.

Debt Refinancing

A refinancing strategy for your debts can help transform your financial situation and it will be beneficial because many banks and financial institutions will not take the same initiative to do what is necessary to re-organize your loans. We can assist you in exploring your options by reviewing your finances and making a recommendation.

Transfer Pricing

Our approach is to provide advisory services to our clients and not just compliance advice on the implementation of transfer pricing legislation and assistance during transfer pricing audits but mainly we are focus for the documentation and completion of benchmarking reports, according the current Greek legislation and based on the approved data base amadeus.

Our Solutions.

Investment Management

We offer tailored investment solutions to accelerate your returns on investment, independently if you are a low risk investor and interested in cash or fixed interest options, or a more aggressive investor looking at shares. We can design a portfolio to suit your specific needs and goals.

Wealth Management

We can offer to our clients a range of services to reach any meaningful goal and we’re as devoted to their goals as they are. By getting to know you and understanding all of your financial goals and objectives, we’ll work together to build a customized plan that helps meet your specific investing and to deliver services and solutions that help build, preserve and manage wealth.

Cash Flow Management

We can help you develop the necessary capital strategy to meet your business needs and get back to what’s important—your business. Our Cash Flow Management Services can help your business to manage your finances securely and conveniently anytime, anywhere. We’re making it all simpler, in order to help you gain an understanding about where all the money went.

Who We Are.

Nikolaos Kontos is the Founder and Managing Director of Hyperbasis, one of the most trusted Accounting Company. Before establishing Hyperbasis in May 2018, Nikolaos held great experience in financial and investments since 1996, covering a wide spectrum of business sectors such as Financial Services, Wholesale & Retail, Banking, Communications, Engineering & Construction and Manufacturing. He received great public accounting experience at Arthur Andersen (Athens) and also as Group Financial Controller and Financial Manager from many listed companies. Nikolaos also gained great international experience working for many years in the position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for production companies abroad, major Restructuring and Reengineering Projects. He has been responsible for preparing the consolidated financial statements (under IFRS and GR GAAP) for groups of companies and for many special projects like implementation of zero-based Budgeting and Business Plans. Nikolaos graduated from Athens University of Economics and Business (known as ASOEE), with major in Accounting & Finance, is a member of the Economic Chamber of Greece with an Accountant and Tax Licence of A' Class and he also holds a degree in Business Administration from the Piraeus University of Applied Sciences. This is typical of the experience and expertise you can expect from your Hyperbasis.

Our Process.

Our Process makes us different. We uses a four-step process (Discover-Plan Design-Implementation-Management) that always include review alternatives, recommend solutions, and manage implementation with meticulous attention.

Our Approach.

Our approach is to help our clients to make decisions that advance the goals of their organization via our disciplined portfolio construction methodology and provides you with a potentially higher probability of achieving your long-term investment.

Our Values.

Collaborating across boundaries for the highest standards of performance and conduct ourselves with the highest level of integrity and business ethics and we place the interests of our clients first because our success depends on their success. We treat all people with respect and dignity, we commit to teamwork and to use the ideas and skills of all associates.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to put our clients first with the most efficient way possible, to provide continual advice and guidance tailored to each client, adding value over the life of a partnership.

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